Leveling users

We are proud to announce that special privileges will soon be offered on the UtByte website for users at various levels.

These benefits include receiving commissions for introducing new people to the system, as well as the activities they perform in the system, and the possibility of trading at a lower fee for users who are at a higher level according to the classification. The amount of fee will be negative for very high levels. This means that by doing the transaction, not only any fee will not be deducted from you, but also some rewards will be added to your account.

We have found that out-of-bounds (UtByte Terms & Regulations) sales have been increased significantly through internal transfers in the system. Therefore, in the first level of the ranking, the transfer fee rate for internal transactions will increase to 5% trying to persuade the users to use the trade section and its side benefits more. Please learn how to use trade section as soon as possible to use the special features that the leveling will give you. There are many videos available online that will instruct you to do so. This transfer fee increase will soon be reduced to the same 1% for amounts under 100€.

Other details of the leveling will be announced soon.