User Plans

We are proud to announce our new user account plans. In this update our main focus is to maximize user’s profits by focusing on user’s activity. We are introducing account levels. Our plan provides 7 levels of accounts, which as you reach higher levels, you will earn more and make bigger profits.

This amazing new plan is enabled through our new feature: Referral Network. Referral Network is a new feature which enables a user to share an ID with their friends and invite them to use our services. This enables each user to create a network made of referred friends.

These levels can be achieved by two means:

1) The user is assessed based on her/his account balance + all of the user's referral network accounts’ balance.

2) the user is assessed based on their 30-day average done trades + all of the user’s referral network 30-day average done trades. Each level can be reached by satisfying one of the two conditions discussed above, it doesn't matter which.

This table contains details of our new plan. we are going to explain each column to have a better understanding of the plan.

Account balance: this column shows the minimum amount of balance your account and all your referral network’s accounts combined need to reach each level.

30-day trade volume: this column shows the minimum volume of trades you and your referral network need to complete (Done), to reach each level. Note: 30-day trade’s volume is calculated every night at 00:00 UTC.

Taker fee / Maker Fee / Withdraw fee / Internal send-receive / Sell up: as you unlock every new level, you will pay less fees to conduct each one of mentioned actions. if you reach the highest level, We will also pay back a portion of your trades as a reward!

Withdraw / Internal send 24h limit: these transactions have a daily amount limit. As you unlock a new level this limit will become less until it is no more.

Trade / internal Send benefit: this exciting feature enables you to earn a good portion of fees your referral network is charged with when conducting a trade or an internal send.

Investment benefit: earlier this year we introduced our plans to provide users with investment wallets. When each one of your referral network’s users enroll in one of our investment plans, you will also earn profits equal to a portion of theirs. Note: your profit will be calculated based on your referral network’s investment wallet profits so their profits will be intact and all your profit will be paid through our reward plans.

Deposit benefit: each time each user inside your referral network makes a deposit to their wallets, you earn profits! Note: your profit will be calculated based on your referral networks’ deposit and it will be paid through our reward plans so naturally all their deposits will be intact.